FAQs Frequently asked questions.

How do I install them to get the best grip!  Our best question.....strapping technique does matter.   We asked Diablo Crossfit Owner Jeremy Jones to help show you the best technique.

Can I use chalk?
Yes!, you probably won't have to use as much, but chalk won't hurt the grip. If you want to use chalk go right ahead.

Why doesn't the grip doesn't fit all the way around the bar?
It's not supposed to.  Some people like to feel the bar with the tips of their fingers or their thumbs, the grip allows for that.   It also helps people with small hands because it add less width to the bar.   Plus a lot of bars are different sizes so it will fit all bars a little differently.

How tight should I secure the straps?
It depends on your preference.   Some people like it very tight so to minimize any movement but we know at least one person who likes the grips to move a little bit.

Are they just for pull-ups?
Nope.  They are also lifesavers for toes2bar, bar muscle ups, knees2elbows, butterfly pull-ups, c2bar pull-ups…you get the point.

Can I use them for lifting?
They are designed for bar work and not lifts, but we've seen some people use them to cushion the bar against their neck when doing back squats and they feel pretty good on deadlifts but we do not recommend them for any lifts like cleans where the grip could move under your hands causing you to lose the bar.

What about competitions, can we use them in comps?
It depends on the comp.  We have supplied them for some competitions and have had great results. We would argue they are like wrist straps, weight belts, knee sleeves, they are helping prevent injury. They also make the bars a whole lot cleaner for every athlete.   Larry Anair from Contra Costa Crossfit told us "I'
m so happy you guys came out. this was an amazing experience for everyone, Vendors spectators, coaches, athletes. the plan was to make it safe and fun. Having the grips helped us keep the event safe. Thank you so much for that."  

They will not get your toes to that bar, and they will not get your chin over the bar, but they will keep your hands from ripping while you do it, and we think that should be encouraged…especially at comps.

Are they just for crossfit?
Nope.  We have had interest from personal trainers, even rowers who want to save their hands.   If they help save your hands, we think that's awesome.

How do I clean them?
Just rinse them off with water and let them dry.   That should get all that sweat off of them.  Or run them in your dishwasher for a complete clean.  Of course they are Honeybadger grips so at least you're not washing off blood too!

How do I personalize them so they don't get confused with other grips at the gym?

We are offering different color straps and we like to write our initials in permanent marker on the inside.  Simple and effective.

I am a box owner and would like to stock them at the gym, do you sell wholesale?
If you'd like to buy wholesale just drop us an email at sales@honeybadgergrips.com